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You might not have any kids, but you seem to understand the essence of it. Look at the fact that most kids in America are born into single parnent households today, that they are capeable of so much by the time they are 14, and that they still have 4 more years of compulsary education ahead of them…. it’s no wonder that they fall into the endless marketing maze of shit in the ‘media’….

‘media’ is only the ‘growth media’ (petri dish) they are fed on while turning into a ‘culture’ (identical bacteria)… which only end up needing to be fed by the governments and institutions that worked so hard to create this insanity.

If it took me 30 years to begin to break free of the mental slavery I’ve lived under, how old will my children be when they are able to do the same? 40? 50? 60?

Children need and deserve to be nurtured in many ways… Physically, spiritually, morally, intellectually. They also need protection from harm and parenting is becoming a more and more difficult job. No parent is compeletely prepared for it, but knowing yourself and being true to reality is a start….

I was 19 when my daughter was born, and now she is 16 and I am 35. It’s been a struggle, and I don’t know what the outcome will be… I now live with my wife and stepdaughter, and I’ve tried to be the father to my stepdaughter I could not be to my own daughter…. but I find great promise in her even though we’re transplants!

Indeed, your family, my family should be thanked for who they are and what they mean to us. Even if the lines get crossed up sometimes. God knows what could have happened to us without good parents to bring us up…

I’m thankful that my parents raised me under the influence of the church rather than the state, because. these days, it seems to be one or the other!!! That’s not to say that independent thinking is not important. It’s more important than ever, but we still are human and can really benefit and grow with the help of others!

Thanks for the poignant and thoughtful post, Chris. You are a very good writer and a very good listener, too. Thanks for your friendship and take good care out there!