$200 to the first person to create this simple app!

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I will send $200, via PayPal, to the first person who creates the following, very simple, application:


  • Create an application for Linux that searches an IMAP account for large attachments, and allows users to pick attachments to be downloaded and deleted from their IMAP account.


  1. Prompt user for IMAP login credentials.
  2. Search IMAP account for attachments.
  3. Present a list of attachments to the user, in descending order of file size (largest to smallest).
  4. For each item in the list, give user the option to download the attachment and delete it from the IMAP account (or to delete the attachment without downloading it).

Additional Requirements

  • Application must be made available, free of charge, to the public as open source software.

If you’re interested, simply post a comment to let myself and others know that you’ve started working. When you’re done, contact me and I will immediately send you the money.

(Inspired by IMAPsize, which is Windows-only and close-source.)

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