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I pretty much always use my meal times to catch up on the news by watching video podcasts on Miro. One such podcast is the Obama-worship-session that is NBC Nightly News.

So I was sitting here, minding my own business, scarfing down a cheeseburger before I go to work replacing a Cisco access point, and then this pops up:

mandatory healthcare

Okay, the bit about crowding out the private healthcare industry with government bullshit was bad enough, but the next point that read “REQUIRE ALL AMERICANS TO GET COVERAGE” almost made me choke on my food.

Are you fucking serious?

Does anyone understand the gravity of what this means??

Are the Americans who support this FUCKING MORONS?

This is so fucking dumb that I hardly know where to start.

No, I’m not talking about the inevitable 4-hour-wait-times, or the total destruction of incentives that would otherwise cause healthcare providers and healthcare customers to act fiscally sensible. And let’s set aside for the moment the fact that subsidies DRIVE UP PRICES, which has brought today’s outrageously expensive healthcare prices to what they are now. And never mind that some people will literally die from not receiving the care they need because they had to wait on a list for years before getting their life-saving operations. We can discuss all of that later.

It’s bad enough that the government wants people to engage in this nonsensical Socialist bullshit, but mandatory coverage means that sensible people won’t have a choice. You will literally have to register with the state for really expensive, really shitty, “free” healthcare coverage, or be penalized. And then, once “the government” (ie. you) is paying for your healthcare, guess who gets to dictate how you live and what you eat? (Hint: It won’t be you.)

That’s right, suckers. Watch and learn. This will give the government every excuse on the planet to intervene in your life. You’re fat, you see, and they’re paying for your healthcare. So, the fatty foods have got to go. You smoke, you see, and that causes cancer, which the government has to pay for. So, your cigarettes must be outlawed.

Banning trans fats was just practice. You’ll see.

Meanwhile, all the good doctors will go where they can make money on their ridiculously expensive investment of an education, you get to wait in line for two to four hours when you go to the doctor, your aunt who fell and broke her hip will wait two to four years for a replacement, the real cost of healthcare will skyrocket, and you’ll be forced the pick up the tab.

What really kills me is that this has been done in plenty of other countries, and what I describe above is what actually happens. (Just ask a Canadian about his or her last trip to the doctor.) And yet, there are morons — lots and lots of morons — who still support this.

Way to go, America!


  1. Comment by Robert Mayer:

    Right on! I think the point about other people becoming justified in dictating your lifestyle choices (once we have nationalized health care) is a very underutilized argument. I’ve been pointing this out for quite some time and there is no question about such a consequence occurring. We’re already seeing this rampant rise in anti-smoking legislation being adopted in major cities all around the country. Once nationalized health care has finally been foisted on us, all that nanny state bullshit will be ratcheted up a few more notches.

    I just hope enough people have put two and two together and are prepared to resist this unnecessary tyranny. Otherwise, it’s time for me to get serious about country-shopping.

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