See? Not all Americans are evil.

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Many of those who aren’t pro-war gathered in Minneapolis, MN this week to celebrate the ideas of freedom and liberty. Check it out:

It was a blast to attend.

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  1. Comment by Whocares:

    I lived in Minnesota and I can assure you, I have not met one Minnesotan who was not a repugnant fascists evil prick. While the US Government has done a great job as master manipulators of the masses, people should know better. I therefore blame nobody but each individual American.

    I wish you ill well guys. I hope your country becomes the most impoverished nation in the world and it is invaded by Arabs, Asians, or the any other power that enslaves you for the rest of your lives. No, I am not stupid, I am not insane, and I am not a troll. You people have done a wonderful job at making enemies and I am living proof of that.

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