Tom Cruise Scientology Video

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Okay, I couldn’t help myself.  At the risk of pissing off the Cult of Scientology, I just had to post this video for its comedic value.

I am truly fascinated by the Cult of Scientology.  However, rather than waste your time by writing what I think, I’ll encourage you to check out the wealth of information around the Web that already exists. Here’s one documentary I discovered today:

While watching Tom Cruise may be fun, you may want to check out the sobering truth about Scientology before you run around joking about it.

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  1. Comment by Stacia Hurney:

    Hello, Tom Cruise, you are so awesome and i really like your movie together with Cameron Diaz the two of you are nice partners. Tom keep up the good work. I love you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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