Regarding The Newsletter War

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I’ve done my best to stay out of this, but I’d like to make a few things clear to others who are new to the libertarian movement:
What you are observing is a war between parties within the libertarian movement that has nothing to do with honest journalism or getting news to the public.  This is all about getting back at various parties because of things that happened decades ago.

The author of the New Republic article that started all of this knew well that Dr. Paul is not a racist, but was seen laughing when someone brought this point up to him around New Years.  Then CATO jumped on the bandwagon, claiming that this is why they hadn’t endorsed Dr. Paul.  Now Reason is pointing fingers at Lew Rockwell without citing any real evidence or even without quoting any reputable people.  These most recent articles, mind you, were released on the day that Lew was scheduled for eye surgery, presumably so he wouldn’t be around to defend himself for the next few days.

This was all done at the expense of the movement that CATO and Reason claim to be promoting.  They’re throwing away our only chance at having a president who truly believes in limited government for the sole purpose of slinging mud at others within the movement.  They had an unprecedented opportunity to further the libertarian cause but chose to cannibalize it instead.  It’s sickening to watch.

And to other young libertarians:
Take note of this ridiculous war and what it’s costing us, as libertarians.  Remember that someday we will be the leaders of this movement and that it will be up to us to ally and accomplish things without letting past disputes get in the way.  Don’t fall into the trap of collective thinking by hating various libertarians because of the organizations they work for or because of who they were taught by.  Analyze each person based on his or her individual views, find common ground, and work to promote freedom.  Let ours be the generation of libertarians, and not of ancient rifts that prevent us from doing something great.

See this post to learn of the anatomy of the Orange Line smear campaign and this post to learn by beltway “libertarians” engage in anti-libertarian activism.

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  1. Comment by Dan D.:

    Amen, sir, especially, to the last paragraph.

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