It IS true: Ron Paul Is Being Excluded From The FOX News Debate

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So, as it turns out, the story I broke yesterday at 8PM on about Ron Paul being excluded from the debates was true.  I cited an AP story which listed five other candidates who are to be attending.  Several people called the official campaign and were told that it was true, and between the AP and official campaign, I felt there was ample evidence to justify breaking the news on LRC.

Well, it wasn’t long before I got an email from someone who profusely insisted that my post was likely incorrect, that the New Hampshire GOP would not allow this to happen, and that I was a horrible person for posting it.  (I’m paraphrasing here.  She actually copied my boss on her emails and asked how I could post such “nonsense” several times.) Because she’s someone who seemed to be very close to the campaign and very close to the New Hampshire GOP, I believed her when she said, “I have an invitation at my home with his name printed on it.” (That’s a quote.)

It was one of my most embarrassing moments since childhood.  I thought I had tarnished the reputation of Lew Rockwell and had discredited myself in the eyes of tens of thousands of Ron Paul supporters who read LRC daily as their primary source of information. As a result of my post, the New Hampshire GOP’s servers and phone lines were out of commission because of hordes of angry Ron Paul supporters.

I quickly posted a very personal retraction that resonated around the blogosphere.  I received dozens of emails from angry Ron Paul fans who asked how I could have posted something like without checking out my sources.  (One would think the Associated Press and the official
campaign would be reliable sources of information, right?)  I then spent the next 17 hours trying to squelch copies of my news on dozens
of others blogs as they popped up, further making myself look like an ass.

Well, as it turns out, FOX has indeed excluded Ron Paul from the forum.  The official campaign has published a press release about it
The AP was right.  The people answering the phones at the campaign were right, and the retractions on all of the major Ron Paul sites were in vain.

In the defense of the person who sent me these emails that caused me to post a retraction, her chief complaint now is that the NH GOP is not the right outlet to complain to.  Due to reasons I agreed not to publish, she may be right
about that.

What a horrible experience.  I will, however, be confirming all Ron Paul-related news with the chairman of the Ron Paul campaign from now on if we end up making contact tomorrow.

Now, about Ron Paul being excluded…  Here’s where you can send your complaints:

  • General Comments
    • Email:
    • Phone: 1-888-369-4762
  • Marty Ryan, Executive Politics Producer
    • Phone: 202-824-6403
  • Kathy Ardleigh, Sen. Politics Producer
    • Phone: 212-301-3186
    • Email:
  • Thom Bird, Fox News Sen. Producer
    • Phone: 212-301-3250
    • Email:
  • Todd Ciganek, National News Editor
    • Phone: 212-301-3352
    • Email:
  • Ian Rae, Exec. VP News
    • Phone: 212-301-8552
    • Email:
  • John Moody, Sen VP News
    • Phone: 212-301-8560
    • Email:
  • Brian Lewis, Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications
    • Phone: 212-301-3331
    • Fax: 212-819-0816
    • E-Mail:
  • Irena Briganti, Vice President of Media Relations
    • Phone: 212-301-3608
    • Fax: 212-819-0816
    • E-Mail:
  • Brian Knoblock, International Editor
    • Phone: 212-301-5486
    • Email:
  • Kim Schiller Hume, Wash DC Bureau Chief
    • Phone: 202-824-6389
    • Fax: 202-824-6426
  • Ken LaCorte, Los Angeles Bureau Chief
    • Phone: 310-571-2000
    • Fax: 310-571-2009
  • Justin Schmidt, Chicago Bureau Chief
    • Phone: 312-494-0428
    • Fax: 312-494-0445
  • Brit Hume, Managing Editor
    • Phone: 202-824-6470
    • Fax: 202-824-6426
  • David Asman, Fox News Host
    • Phone: 212-301-3944
    • Email:
  • Shepard Smith, Fox Report Host
    • Phone: 212-301-3711
    • Email:
  • Bill O’Reilly, O’Reilly Factor Host
    • Phone: 212-301-3320
    • Email:
  • Jane Skinner, News Anchor
    • Phone: 212-301-5023
    • Email:

Major Fox Advertisers (Thanks to David P. Martin!)

Earl J. Hesterberg
Vice President, Marketing
Ford Motor Company
1 American Rd
Dearborn, MI 48126-2701
TEL: (313) 322-3000
FAX: 313-845-6073

Koichi Kondo
President& CEO
American Honda Motor Co.,
1919 Torrance Boulevard
Mail Stop: 500 – 2N – 7D
Torrance, CA 90501-2746
TEL: (800) 999-1009
FAX: (310) 783-3023

Rick Kornhauser
Vice President, Marketing
Chattem, Inc.
1715 W 38th St
Chattanooga, TN 37409-1248
TEL: (800) 366-6077
FAX: (423) 821-0395

Patrick M. Byrne
Chairman & President
6322 S 3000 E Ste 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84121-6931
TEL: (801) 947-3100
FAX: (801) 944-4629

William R. Rhodes
399 Park Ave
New York, NY 10022
TEL: (800) 285-3000

Henry A. McKinnell, Jr.
Chairman & CEO
235 E 42nd St
New York, NY 10017-5755
TEL: (212) 573-2323
(212) 573-7851

Javed Ahmed
Executive Vice President
Reckitt Benckiser Inc.
Morris Corporate Center IV
399 Interpace Parkway
Parsippany, NJ 07054-0225
TEL: (800) 333-3899
FAX: (973) 404-5700

R. Kerry Clark
Vice Chairman
Procter & Gamble
1 Procter & Gamble Plaza
Cincinnati, OH 45202
TEL: 513-983-1100
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Charles Fruit
Chief Marketing Officer
The Coca Cola Company
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Paul Carothers
Vice President, Public Affairs
Kraft Foods
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Kathleen Flaherty
Chief Marketing Officer
1 AT&T Way
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John Middlebrook
Vice President
General Motors
300 Renaissance Center
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Janine M. Bousquette
Chief Marketing Officer
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Kelly Mankin
Vice President, Marketing
1000 Chrysler Dr
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TEL: 248-576-5741
FAX: 248-576-4742

Jill Kelly-Paget
Corporate Communications
1675 Broadway
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FAX: 212-468-4110

Charlie Rutman
Carat USA
3 Park Avenue
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Dennis Donlin
General Motors Planworks
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Cheri Carpenter
Media Contact
Starcom MediaVest
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Bob Lilley
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Charles Courtier
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Marc Goldstein
Chief Executive Officer
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Mike Vogel
Chief Executive Officer
PHD Detroit
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Peter M. Butterfield
President and CEO
PO Box 52410
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TEL: 949-470-7000
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Richard D. Fairbank
Chairman, President and CEO
Capital One
1680 Capital One Dr
McLean, VA 22042-4500
TEL: 703-720-1000

Jay Carothers
Chairman and CEO
300 Crossways Park Dr
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TEL: (516) 496-9560
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John Stratton
VP & Chief Mktg Officer
180 Washington Valley Rd
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TEL: (800) 214-3555
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John F. Antioco
Chm & CEO
1201 Elm St
Dallas, TX 75270-2102
TEL: (214) 854-3000

Yukitoshi Funo
19001 S Western Ave
Torrance, CA 90501-1106
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Eric Milledge
Company Group Chairman
LifeScan, Inc.
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Jim Julow
Vice President
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DamlierChysler Corp
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Emil J. Brolick
Taco Bell
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Marc Covent
Slim Fast
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West Palm Beach, FL 33401-
TEL: (561) 833-9920
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William R Rhodes
TEL: (212) 793-6872

And here’s a link to more FOX News sponsors.

I’ll post more contact info as I get it.

18 comments to “It IS true: Ron Paul Is Being Excluded From The FOX News Debate”

  1. Comment by RiverRat:

    Thanks for all the clarification. I’m not really surprised by this and actually thought they would have done it earlier, like before he raised almost $20M in a quarter and before he became so popular. Thanks again.

  2. Comment by Joe Sheehy:

    I have sent the following reply to everyone of the Fox news list:
    You people have the audacity to call yourselves an American news reporting agency????? Your pompous exclusion of the popular ever-rising Republican candidate Ron Paul from a Fox News Forum reeks of FASCISM in every sense of the word………..forcible suppression of the opposition!!! Have you people forgot you are Americans in a free society???

    Believe it or not, the backlash from such abominable treatment of a man who has a lifelong history of serving America, will only fuel the fire in all Americans who are fed up with corporate run government and bias main stream media such as yours.

    Freedom of choice is why I love America and your obnoxious, deliberate suppression of that fact just reaffirms the revelation of how far this country has regressed.

    Thank you for flaming my support of Ron Paul!!!

    Joe Sheehy

  3. Comment by Maverick:

    It’s good to see FOX demonstrating once again how fair and balanced it is.

  4. Comment by Collin 28:

    Heh everyone who believe in Dr. Paul and in FREEDOM, email everyone on this list.
    I just did and this is my message —

    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – According to the New Hampshire State Republican Party and an Associated Press report, Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul will be excluded from an upcoming forum of Republican candidates to be broadcast by Fox News on January 6, 2008.

    Please include Dr. Paul for your upcoming forum on January 6th. According to my research he is a top tier candidate.


    J Collin Towers
    Attorney at Law
    Orlando, FL


  5. Comment by zaira:

    We should stage a rally outside of the Fox News Channel building. There is no reason why the channel shouldn’t publicity explain to the American people WHY he is being excluded. If there are people outside of the building, rallying and no other channels cover than it can safely be assumed that the reason he is excluded is because of what he is saying. HE IS TALKING ABOUT OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES, PEOPLE, please wake up.

  6. Comment by Doug R:

    This is the link to an international poll on Ron Paul. It shows people all over the world overwhelmingly support Ron Paul. E mail this link to Fox and its advertisers and let them know there will be consequences for their suppression.

  7. Comment by Vivian:

    It doesn’t suprise me that FOX would pull something like this, it’s been obvious from the beginning how they operate. (and I will write to them) but what I don’t get it why the NH GOP is going along with it. I know you said the NH GOP is not the right outlet to complain to but I think they are. I dropped out of politics about 20 years ago and wasn’t aware that FOX and the msm started picking our presidents for us. The GOP needs to put their foot down and either insist on allowing Dr. Paul to participate OR get another broadcaster to handle it. It’s insane that they would act so helpless. Thanks for listning.

  8. Comment by T. Shadrach:

    Looks like the shit hammer is about to drop on Fox. About time. (and it looks like Carlos Emezcua couldn’t have picked a worse time to change employers).

  9. Comment by Boycott for Freedom 2008 » Blog Archive » Fox Executive Contact Compilation:

    [...] [...]

  10. Comment by Mary Helburn:

    A boycott of advertisers is a broom that hurts all, including one of the most vocal supporters of Dr. Paul. I refer to and Dr. Patrick Byrne who is a valient and honorable person who has taken up battle with the most criminal elements of Wall Street. I willl contact Fox and send them my comments about excluding the only rational candidate we have.

  11. Comment by mesler:


    Please sign up on the boycott site to show our numbers.

  12. Comment by Ron Paul Excluded from New Hampshire Debate «

    [...] Is it true Ron Paul is being excluded from the Fox News debate?…om-the-fox-news-debate/ [...]

  13. Comment by Chris Eischen:

    I am selling all stock and any mutual fund with fox stock!

  14. Comment by cr shiplett:

    Further proof that FOX is simply a fascist mouthpiece for the neo-cons. Dr. Paul is the only candidate I’ve listened to who understands “government by the people, for the people”. Hopefully, the blowback from this tactic will serve as a wake up call to the rest of america. Give ‘em hell Dr. No!!

  15. Comment by disgusted voter:

    if fox “news” has excluded or omitted including Ron Paul in their televised debate,
    then they can count me out as a viewer…ever. Fox news is now a poor excuse for an independent informative source for American citizenry. “fair and balanced” ?!?!?..what a crock. conflicted, compromised and captured is more apt. FOX journalists…bought and paid for…pimping for the elite & moneyed owners. yeah, that’s the state of amerika now…sold out to the highest bidder. our systems are being decimated. our elections are sound bite jokes.
    you want to know why the professional media is losing out to the internet. cuz it has no freedom of the press anymore. it spouts what big business gubmint tells it to do.
    big media is now just a useless tool of the “influential”.
    amerika has been killed by captured capital markets. and word is getting out without you.

  16. Comment by Dresden718:

    Dear FoxNews & Newscorp,

    I am outraged that you have excluded the top Republican fund raiser from the debate you are having. It is egregiously apparent to everyone that you are having lower candidates in the debate and have excluded the top fund raiser due to an unfair bias you have towards his platform. It is unjust and unethical for you to make such a decision instead of brining it all candidates and letting the people decide which platform and candidate they will support. Effective immediately I am refraining from viewing any and all content provided by the fox news network and boycotting FoxNews and all FoxNews advertisers. I am telling all friends and family to do the same until Ron Paul appears in the debate. If your final debate lineup does not include Ron Paul this will be a permanent boycott until serious steps are taken on your part to regain your credibility.


  17. Comment by Ron Paul Fox News Phone Blitz « Daily Liberty Research:

    [...] also has a list of Fox News sponsors. has a nice list of contact info as well. [...]

  18. Comment by New Hampshire GOP boycotts Fox News over Ron Paul exclusion « disinter:

    [...] Join the boycott here, here and here. [...]