Huckabee Fans Spam Ron Paul Meetups

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Huckabee fans are now spamming the Ron Paul meetups in a desperate attempt to recruit people into the Huckster camp. I’m using the traditional definition of spam here (transmission of unsolicited email) not the MSM’s newfangled definition (voting in public polls).

“If we could just recruit the right person (or people)… we could harness the power of the internet, have our own ‘revolution’, and raise millions of dollars,” seems to be the mantra of those who are trying to emulate Ron Paul’s difficult-to-explain success, and it shows an innate misunderstanding of why this Revolution is unfolding for Paul.

Listen carefully, Hucksters, and I’ll tell you the secret:
Paul supporters are not passionate because of a strategy of the campaign nor because of an action by any one single supporter. Not by a long shot. Indeed, Paul supporters are passionate because of the message. There is a principled man among us who understands the concepts of freedom and economics. He has a real shot at winning, and the balls-of-steel required to not only take that shot, but continue to hang onto his principles in the process. It gives people who live in the United States hope that not only what’s left of their dilapidated freedoms might be preserved for four or eight years, but that perhaps some freedom might even be regained. That shred of hope is enough to spark a fiery passion that burns so fiercely that it inspires people to do wild things. They’re getting involved in politics for the first time, joining meetups, talking to everyone they know, standing out in the cold for hours just to hold signs for strangers to see, writing letters, making phone calls, travelling to neighboring states, buying ads, organizing fundraisers, and inadvertently participating in a revolution. It’s the same passion that inspired the birth of this nation, and it can’t be repressed or bought with any amount of money.

It’s the message, you see. And without this message, there can be no passion. And without this passion, there can be no revolution. It can’t be duplicated by simply mimicking the actions of Paul’s campaign or those of his supporters.

This, of course, is lost on those outside the Paul camp. The average politician with ‘morals’ that morph to fit the latest opinion polls just might be completely incapable of understanding. How can he recruit so many die-hard supporters without abandoning his principles and sucking up to the majority? It’s simple. Offer them freedom.

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