Ron Paul Wins AL Straw Poll By Landslide, Again!

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For some reason, news of landslide victories for Ron Paul doesn’t get old for me. This time, I’ve had the privilege of observing the action in person. Today’s straw poll is being held in Jefferson County, Alabama! The results are as follows:

Ron Paul – 115 (58%)
Fred Thompson – 31 (16%)
Rudy Giuliani – 18 (9%)
Mitt Romney – 16 (8%)
Mike Huckabee – 8 (4%)
Duncan Hunter – 5 (3%)
John McCain – 3 (2%)
Cort – 1 (1%)
Sam Brownback – 1 (1%)
Undecided – 1 (1%)

3 comments to “Ron Paul Wins AL Straw Poll By Landslide, Again!”

  1. Comment by A. Holland:

    I live in Madison and was disappointed to not be able to make it to this straw poll. (My kids had soccer games all day.) I had read that the Alabama GOP expected Thompson to win this – as if!

  2. Comment by Ron Paul Supporters Prove CNBC’s Ratings Stink «

    [...] Ron Paul Wins Alabama Straw Poll….y-landslide-again/ [...]

  3. Comment by john black:

    Generally Ido not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

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