Ron Paul at the Values Voter Debate

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For those who missed it:

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  1. Comment by Luis:

    The way he addressed the issue of ending drug and prostitution laws by pointing to the belief the founders had in civil and economic liberties. Tying it back, in the end, to the value voter’s rights to teach what they want to teach their kids and believing in what they want to believe. It was masterful. The courage he showed, standing up for medical marijuana smokers and the victims of torture and those imprisoned in secret prisons, stood in stark contrast of the attitude John Kerry took while watching an FSU Student get tasered.

    His final statement touched on what could be the very root of our problem. A lack of confidence which demonstrates itself in the erosion of our liberties and freedoms. We no longer believe in what we stand for. We’re trying to legislate moral behavior at a federal level as opposed to living morally.

    That must have struck home to the audience at a level they’re not used to think at.

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