Cumulative Straw Poll Votes Since Iowa

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We all know how Iowa turned out, but what about the polls since then?  The following is a cumulative count of all votes since the Iowa Straw Poll: 

Ron Paul 30% 772
Mitt Romney 23% 581
Fred Thompson 18% 470
Rudy Giuliani 10% 266
Sam Brownback 7% 168
Mike Huckabey 5% 127
John McCain 4% 110
Duncan Hunter 1% 34
Tommy Tancredo 1% 15
Other 1% 24
Total 100.00% 2567

Polls included:

Pittsburgh, PA
Dekalb County, GA
West Lafayette, Indiana
West Alabama
Strafford County, NH
Illinois State Fair
Students for Life of America
Western Montana Fair

3 comments to “Cumulative Straw Poll Votes Since Iowa”

  1. Comment by Tex MacRae:

    That’s cool, Chris. Post it on LRC.

  2. Comment by Mark Smith:

    This is great information, Chris. Thanks! Do you have or know of a table that shows the actual vote count for each of the (25 or so?) straw polls to date. It would be interesting to see Paul’s progress.

  3. Comment by Brian:

    Maybe you could update this? Gaston had 41 votes, but their GOP was unhappy with outsiders voting for RP and may redo it. So maybe you’re right to exclude it. I included it.

    Good work!

    My tally:

    THIS SHOULD BE THE STORY TODAY!?Paul First, Hunter 8th overall in 11 straw polls since Iowa?% Votes?Ron Paul, 24.9% 782?Mitt Romney, 16.0% 583?Fred Thompson, 18.9% 483?Rudy Giuliani, 8.1% 247?Sam Brownback, 4.4% 169?Mike Huckabey, 5.3% 131?John McCain, 3.0% 111?Duncan Hunter, 14.1% 34?Tommy Tancredo, 0.5% 16?Other, 4.2% 22?Total of 2578 votes cast in 11 straw polls?Polls included:?Texas GOP 1-Sep-07?Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA)?Dekalb County, GA?Ronald Reagan Club (Washington)?Strafford County, NH?West Alabama?West Lafayette, Indiana?Illinois State Fair?Students for Life of America?Western Montana Fair?Gaston County, NC

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