Ron Paul Fans Plan National “Paint the Town Ron” Event

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On the weekend of September 29th, Ron Paul Meetup groups around the country will be banning together to "Paint the Town Ron", in which hundreds of Ron Paul signs will be placed around the cities of participating Meetup groups.  "The point is on the morning of Oct 1st people on their way to  work will learn the name of Ron Paul", explains Chris Holley who organizes the participating Memphis Meetup.

From the event posted on

Get your local meetup to join!! Let’s make this a national event!!
Let’s make this event SO BIG THE ENTIRE COUNTRY will be talking about it!
We want this event to be so big the local and national media will have to cover this story.
Each one of you is in a town, and you can help make this happen in
your area!

Mr. Holley offers his contact information for those who wish to get involved: chrisholley1975 @ gmail. com
If you are an organizer or assistant organizer of a meetup that wishes to participate, please







One comment to “Ron Paul Fans Plan National “Paint the Town Ron” Event”

  1. Comment by Fay Roberts:

    Mobile Al. Hey Memphis, I grew up there. Hillcrest High 1968
    Our Mobile group did paint the town. The next day city workers were taking the signs down.
    We plan to hit Baldwin County Al. this weekend.
    We made the 6:00pm news on our CBS station about the signs.
    we called and emailed the stations asking about who is Ron Paul, does he live in Mobile? This was filmed today.
    The signs started coming down on Sunday.
    I plan on calling the Mayor of Mobile tomorrow to find out why our signs were taken down.
    Have you had any problems in other cities?

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