iPhone Rumoured to be NSA Snoop Device

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I'm not sure what else people would expect after AT&T collaborated with the NSA to break the law and invade the privacy of millions of Americans, but recently a Russian team of hackers claim to have found parts of the iPhone firmware that is designed to send contacts, text messages, call logs, and browsing history to outside servers over the Internet without the user's knowledge.

Read the story here.

It will be interesting to follow this story.

One comment to “iPhone Rumoured to be NSA Snoop Device”

  1. Comment by MArtin:

    Privacy issues are always a concern yet this seems a bit too out streched ….doesnt it ? given i have my personal pics on flicker, my daily routines on twitter and my mobile data backed up at zyb.com.
    NSA can go look every where ( personally i feel the privacy policy does cover you) well who can pick out what the mighty security bunch is planning next; a bio chip in my (left ear may be) :)

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