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Banned: The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

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book coverBack in the late 60's this book, written for Children, was pulled from all public libraries and store shelves by the government. It was said that the experiments and information contained herein were too dangerous for the general public. A big fuss was made of a 1995 incident near Detroit in which child chemist, David Hahn, attempted to build a nuclear breeder reactor in his backyard shed. A book by Ken Silverstein called 'The Radioactive Boyscout' tells the whole story, but you can get a summary on Wikipedia. This book is thoroughly interesting and is full of ideas and inspiration, it is the bible for any young chemist-in-training. Used copies on Amazon are rare and are currently priced between $237 and $690 for very used copies. However, because it was published in 1960, before the US copyright laws were rewritten, and because its original copyright was never renewed (yes, I checked myself), it's legal for me to share with you online.

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Script Kiddie Leaves Photo ID Behind After Wreaking Havoc

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Please understand: The information on this ID has been verified against the user's PayPal data to confirm that is indeed the real McCoy. The person who did this has access to the bank accounts and credit cards.  In addition, he has a personal website that features the same username as what he used on our system and has his real name all over the domain records.  This person is not framed.  It's really him.

UPDATE: As if that wasn't enough evidence, he's come out and admitted on his personal website that the ID is indeed his.  In addition, the IP that was used to execute the UDP flood perl script matches the IP he contacted me with on IRC.  Please, for the sake of my sanity, stop telling me he might have been framed.

As the administrator of a free shell account provider, I see all kinds of questionable activity on a regular basis.  Some people try their hardest to root the server they've been given access to, shut it down, or to wreak havoc on a remote server from ours.  In any case, they usually try to cover their tracks before trying anything stupid.  Not so in the case of Mr. Machelesen of the Netherlands.  Before uploading and executing a perl script designed to send a flood of UDP traffic to an IRC user, he was kind enough to upload a scanned copy of his official government-issued photo ID to his public_html folder.

Meet the script kiddie of the year, Mr. Machelesen:
picture of a script kiddie

Please take this moment to make a mental note: It's not a good idea to upload photo ID before bringing down a shell service.