Switching from b2evolution to WordPress

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Like many others, I’ve decided to ditch b2evolution in favor of WordPress.  The biggest reasons were:

  1. b2evolution has almost no protection against spam.  They have this goofy little centralized blacklist that’s maintained by one person and never seems to be up to date.  I had over 4,000 spam comments that I had to painstakingly clean out last night.  It took me four hours and this isn’t the first time that’s happened.
  2. The development of b2evolution is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Now that the switch is over with, I’m extremely glad I made the switch.  Installing WordPress was the most painless PHP/MySQL install I’ve ever done with anything.  Ever.  The interface is clean and robust.  All of the feature you would expect it to have are included, and installing a plugin is as simple of copying a file or directory with an SFTP client.  Very cool.

For those who are considering taking the plunge, I’ll tell you now that WordPress won’t import b2evolution posts and comments without an additional script, but that’s not too hard to find, and I can make the script available upon request.

The only thing that still concerns me is my permlink URL.  My first problem is that I can’t get mod_rewrite to act correctly… I may be doing something wrong with .htaccess but I’ll have to mess with it more to see.  My second problem is that since my old blog is now offline (with this one in its place) I’m not entirely certain what format my old permlinks used to take.  I’ll get it worked out.  Anyway, I if you’re still using b2evolution, I suggest you switch.

3 comments to “Switching from b2evolution to WordPress”

  1. Comment by Jon Dillon:


    I’m making the switch for the same reasons you state above. I tried to use the script linked to from the WP site but it didn’t seem to work with a newer version of WP. Were you able to convert from b2evolution into a current version of WP (Version 2.0.3) using the supplied script or did you have to modify? If you modified the script, can I get it from you?


  2. Comment by RAY YU .: Ray of Light:

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  3. Comment by ijustgotblogged:

    I am in the same situation. I have been wanting to switch my b2evolution blog over to a wordpress platform for some time but am scared that I will lose my posts and as a good portion of them are sponsored I can not afford to take that chance. Any advice?