b2evolution users, rid yourself of comment spam in one shot!

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I declare victory over comment spam!! I’ve decided to resurrect my blog, and, of course, the first thing I wanted to do is remove all of the comment spam I’ve collected over the months the blog has been inactive. So, after studying almost two hundred comment spam records, I was able to wipe out over 3,000 bogus comments all at once, without deleting a single welcomed comment.

If any evo users want to try their luck with my query, here it is. To use it, simply copy and past the SQL code into phpMyAdmin or any other SQL front end. You could also execute it from the command prompt, if you have shell access to your hosting server. I’m not saying this will get rid of more than half of anyone else’s spam, but I’d be willing it would wipe out a ton of it… enjoy.

Anyhow, I plan on posting to my blog more often now and I hope to regain some of my old regulars.

One comment to “b2evolution users, rid yourself of comment spam in one shot!”

  1. Comment by EdB:

    Um… nice, but you’ve got like 80 spam comments here. Most of them would have been stopped by full use of the antispam central database. ALL of them can be stopped with either a captcha system or a simple turing test, both of which are documented in b2evolution’s forums.

    BTW the antispam system is back up and running again but you will need to change some of your installation’s files. I highly recommend you upgrade to version .9.1b AND tweak the files to point to the new antispam central system. After that you should grab my antispam improvement hack for version .9.1b. That way you won’t have to use phpmyadmin to address spam again.

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