Recover Saved Passwords In Firefox

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So, I needed my Delta Skymiles PIN so I could find out whether or not Hurricane Dennis caused me any flight delays… One problem… I haven’t typed my PIN in almost a year because it’s been saved in my Firefox browser, and my laptop wasn’t around for me to use. So, out of frustration, I created a firefox extension that displays the stored passwords in the “View Saved Passwords” dialog in preferences, instead of (deceptively, IMHO) displaying only the user and host and providing a button to remove. Quite frankly from a security/privacy perspective I have no problems with this approach, it’s only the naming of the button that pisses me off, since I’m sitting there trying to get at a password only to be repeatedly confronted with a button that says “View Saved Passwords” which in fact, does everything BUT.

Click here to download Password Viewer.

Once installed, the View Saved Passwords button should now work as advertised. If you’d prefer to keep your privacy, just remove it again.

2 comments to “Recover Saved Passwords In Firefox”

  1. Comment by stram:

    great fucking job documenting that.

  2. Comment by chelsea:

    im having the same exact problem, and found your page in search of help. it wont help me cuz i have a higher version of firefox. do u remember at all how u did it [extension] – or if uve found out the regular way since? thanks so much [i have a hacker so i want to change my passwords]…..chelsea

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