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Life Update

Monday, May 30th, 2005

It’s been a month and a half now since I’ve updated my blog. There’s so much that’s been going on with me… I’ll see how short I can make this… At work, my old boss is gone and I’m in his place. They gave me a $12,000/yr raise, a new management title, and let me hire someone. I’m excited, but I’m still eager to get back to school at some point in the near future. My camera phone is working. I can finally resume documenting all the stupid stuff my friends and I do. Some new opportunities have presented themselves in Birmingham. A non-profit organization wishes to paint the city with WiFi (wireless internet) and wants a friend and I to make it happen. We’re still negotiating, but this could be cool, if it works out. Anyway, life is good and all is well

A strange dream: a night at the cabana

Monday, May 30th, 2005

I just had the strangest dream. Suddenly I was in a stretch limo with a girl I know. She was wearing an amazing flowing red dress that fit her like a glove. We arrived at our destination. It was the old Cabana Hotel that was built in the 20′s and had been abandoned for years, but now it wasn’t abandoned. Everything was in pristine condition. There were almost a hundred lights at the entrance. The bottom of the hotel was now a ritzy French restaurant. Even though it was 2005, everyone wore 20′s attire. A jazz band played while we ate, and then I woke up. Pretty atypical of my dreams…