Weekend in Tuscaloosa

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So, uhm, yeah… this weekend was great. It was Donald’s 20th birthday. So, of course we had to celebrate. It just so happened that the Auburn/Alabama game was going on the same day only yards away from us.


Donald's cake

While I was down there, I invited some old friends from high school to the party, who in turn invited several of their own friends… it got pretty crowded… (sorry Joy)
We had over 200 drinks, but the poor guy next door was kind enough to offer us free access to his keg… with a big crowd outside, we started volunteering people to do keg-stands… Donald did it for the first time and was able to hold on for about 30 seconds… we were proud.

Donald doing a keg stand

Needless to say we floated the keg in less than 20 minutes… Sucks for Joy’s next door neighbor. We felt kinda bad, but he was too drunk to care… oh well.

So… after a keg stand, and god-knows-how-many more beers, Joseph and I started taunting eachother, like we’ve been doing every time we get drunk for the last year or so… I always tell him that I’m gonna beat his ass (which is funny if you know us well — I’m out of shape and he’s a built almost-pro boxer), and he always says something to the same effect, but he never has a pair of gloves handy… Well, this time he did, and we boxed for almost half an hour. It was crazy. I had a blast… Joy took pics:

Joseph - ready to go
See the look on the people’s faces? That’s the oh-my-god-Brunner-is-crazy look.

Joseph and I boxing

Joseph gets a punch in

Ouch. He obviously got some good punches in.

Joseph's bloody nose
…but so did I =]

It was all in fun… Today I can barely type with my right hand because it hurts from repeatedly punching him as hard as I could for half an hour and my entire mid-section aches… but it was worth it because I had a blast. =]

Justin’s birthday is next weekend… I’m looking forward to it.

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    That is NOT REAL BLOOD…Come on

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