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I think I’m going to start a section of my site that’s dedicated to what’s going on in Iraq. If I do it, it will feature news written by Iraqis instead of news from Western media networks… I’m so tired of this idea that this is another Vietnam. It’s not. Americans seem to think that what we’ve done is a massive mistake or that our help isn’t wanted. According to almost every Iraqi account I’ve been able to find, that’s bullshit. Here’s just one example. Tens of thousands of lives have been saved because we took Saddam out of power. Polls indicate that a majority of Iraqis believe the country is going in the right direction, and the personal accounts of Iraqi bloggers back this up.

The sign reads: “Our people support the reconstruction!”
The media is incredibly biased and Americans aren’t questioning any of it. Wake up, people. We are fighting the right war, and we’re slowly winning. The Iraqis need our help, and we’re saving lives.
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