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Make Love Not Spam

Monday, November 29th, 2004

I’m sure by now you’ve caught onto the fact that I have a tremendous distaste for spam. Well, the BBC wrote a little somethin’ that I can’t help but mention. In my last post I told you about a way webmasters could fight spam and track down the people harvesting addresses on their site. Now Lycos has created something that everyone can participate in and requires even less skill. It’s a screen saver that runs while your computer is resting and helps to shut down websites that are advertised in spam. Spammers have to pay bandwidth bills, and this will make sending spam much more expensive than they can afford. What an excellent idea!

The screensaver can be found at Enjoy.

Help fight spam – Project Honey Pot

Friday, November 26th, 2004

Now it’s possible for anyone with a website to help track down spammers. A new project called Project Honey Pot allows website owners to install hidden dynamic code on their website that is hidden from humans but attracts spam bots that gather email addresses. Once lured to a special, hidden page of the site, the spam bot is fed a unique email address that allows the project to trace the spam to the bot that gathered the bogus unique address. I’m not explaining this well, so I’ll stop, but suffice to say that this allows people to track down spammers.

Their site also has some good info about how to avoid spambots, that is, how to publish your email address without getting spammed.

The cool thing is that CAN-SPAM makes harvesting and sending to harvested addresses illegal… so you can take legal action against these bastards…

Note to self: learn to make sushi

Wednesday, November 24th, 2004

I should really learn to make sushi sometime before I die…

Weekend in Tuscaloosa

Monday, November 22nd, 2004

So, uhm, yeah… this weekend was great. It was Donald’s 20th birthday. So, of course we had to celebrate. It just so happened that the Auburn/Alabama game was going on the same day only yards away from us.


Donald's cake

While I was down there, I invited some old friends from high school to the party, who in turn invited several of their own friends… it got pretty crowded… (sorry Joy)
We had over 200 drinks, but the poor guy next door was kind enough to offer us free access to his keg… with a big crowd outside, we started volunteering people to do keg-stands… Donald did it for the first time and was able to hold on for about 30 seconds… we were proud.

Donald doing a keg stand

Needless to say we floated the keg in less than 20 minutes… Sucks for Joy’s next door neighbor. We felt kinda bad, but he was too drunk to care… oh well.

So… after a keg stand, and god-knows-how-many more beers, Joseph and I started taunting eachother, like we’ve been doing every time we get drunk for the last year or so… I always tell him that I’m gonna beat his ass (which is funny if you know us well — I’m out of shape and he’s a built almost-pro boxer), and he always says something to the same effect, but he never has a pair of gloves handy… Well, this time he did, and we boxed for almost half an hour. It was crazy. I had a blast… Joy took pics:

Joseph - ready to go
See the look on the people’s faces? That’s the oh-my-god-Brunner-is-crazy look.

Joseph and I boxing

Joseph gets a punch in

Ouch. He obviously got some good punches in.

Joseph's bloody nose
…but so did I =]

It was all in fun… Today I can barely type with my right hand because it hurts from repeatedly punching him as hard as I could for half an hour and my entire mid-section aches… but it was worth it because I had a blast. =]

Justin’s birthday is next weekend… I’m looking forward to it.

Microsoft caught pirating software

Friday, November 19th, 2004

Software piracy threatens to rob our cultural pioneers of their incentive to keep bringing us the best in everything they do. Microsoft is committed to preventing piracy from hurting legitimate software users, but by staying informed, you can ensure you’re being part of the solution.

– Microsoft on Software Piracy

Whoops… Might wanna take your own advice.

The Register is running the article here. Here’s the original German version with screenshot evidence.

Back to blogging…

Wednesday, November 17th, 2004

I haven’t posted in a while… a lot has been going on… I’m not really sure where to start.

I switched from Blogger to b2evolution, which is why everything looks different and things got kind of weird for those of you using an RSS aggrogrator. It shouldn’t make a difference to readers from here on out, except that it should be a lot easier to comment. The only major differences are on my side.

Anyway, I mentioned before that I might “start a section of my site that’s dedicated to what’s going on in Iraq [that] will feature news written by Iraqis instead of news from Western media networks.” Well, that’s exactly what I did, and it turned out so well that I ended up giving it its own domain name… check out It’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

I spent the weekend in Auburn. It was *alot* of fun. I also got a call that confirmed that I’ll be working down in less then a month, and Donald and Joseph insisted that I should live with them while I’m down there. I’m definitely looking forward to it. I can’t wait to get out of the house, I can’t wait to get started at the new job, and I can’t wait to live in Auburn.

I’ll blog more later… Peace.

Monday, November 8th, 2004

I bet you won’t see these videos on CNN…

This is a video of US forces neutralizing (blowing up) an ammo dump in iraq, taken by a soldier. Cool, ehh? And you thought you’ve seen fireworks…

Ever wonder what’s it’s like to be shot at? This one is of US troops moving through the streets of Iraq as they’re fired upon by insurgents.
Click the images to start the download. Obviously, BitTorrent is required. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 7th, 2004

I think I’m going to start a section of my site that’s dedicated to what’s going on in Iraq. If I do it, it will feature news written by Iraqis instead of news from Western media networks… I’m so tired of this idea that this is another Vietnam. It’s not. Americans seem to think that what we’ve done is a massive mistake or that our help isn’t wanted. According to almost every Iraqi account I’ve been able to find, that’s bullshit. Here’s just one example. Tens of thousands of lives have been saved because we took Saddam out of power. Polls indicate that a majority of Iraqis believe the country is going in the right direction, and the personal accounts of Iraqi bloggers back this up.

The sign reads: “Our people support the reconstruction!”
The media is incredibly biased and Americans aren’t questioning any of it. Wake up, people. We are fighting the right war, and we’re slowly winning. The Iraqis need our help, and we’re saving lives.
Click here to learn about the myths and facts about Iraq

Friday, November 5th, 2004

There are alot of graphic designers who have used Photoshop since day 1 and would die before switching. I wouldn’t call myself a graphic designer, but I’ve been using Photoshop since 1998, and I love it. In fact, there’s no way in hell I could switch to The Gimp the way it is right now.
The Gimp developers need to build a Photoshop behavior mode into the Gimp. When active, the Gimp’s user interface would be layed out just like Photoshop’s. Photoshop’s native keyboard shortcuts would all work. Everything would be where a Photoshop user would expect it to be.
This is not unlike what Microsoft did with the Wordperfect compatibility mode in MS Word, and it worked.

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004

Bush won, thank god. I stayed up til 9am this morning waiting for the Kerry concession that didn’t come until much later. So, I’m tired of hearing and talking about this now. I just wanted to note this historic event. Later.